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Fishing and Hunting

Sopwith Lake is loaded with Grey trout/Lake trout, and Speckled trout are abundant in the spring.

As well as trout Sopwith lake has both large and small mouth Bass.

Little Sandy Lake is also full of Bass if you find you are catching too many trout in the main Sopwith Lake.

Hunting for Bear, White Tailed Deer and Moose is always an adventure beyond adventures.


We have Aluminum boats with motors, Kayaks, Canoes and a Pontoon boat to make a day of fishing more enjoyable.


Cabins are equipped with propane stoves, fridges and lights. Each cabin also has a wood burning stove to cut the early spring or Autumn chill.

We are here to make your stay the best it can be.

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There is nothing like making a cast and hooking into a 5 pound plus Speckled Trout.

There are a number of islands to choose from to pitch a tent and enjoy this spectacular scenery.

Trolling and jigging at feeding depths of Greys will reward you with great eating size Lake trout…and of course that trophy fish is just a cast away!

Jigging for Lake Trout at Sopwith Lake

Please Practice Catch and Release

Over 4500 Acres of unspoiled wilderness